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Need a great chat tool for your website?

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Chat tool review

Great chat toolIf you are looking for a great chat tool to help users on your website have quick and easy access to a sales or support person, we really like the Live Chat Inc tool. With the Team version, their mid-priced option that costs $33 per month, you can have up to six agents using the dashboard and available to help users. The tool is surprisingly easy to set up and launch in the WordPress environment. It took us less than 30 minutes to sign up, embed the code and even configure the tool so the colors and content reflect the respective brand of the website.

See the client dashboard below and you’ll see how the agent interacts with a user. The agent even can see the location of the user based on IP address. Lots of customization options are available. We found this tool because it’s the tool of choice for WP Engine, the managed WordPress hosting company in Austin, another company of which we are big fans.

Great chat tool, and not too pricey

More good news: You can do a free trial with no strings attached and no credit card. Full disclosure … this link will get you the 30-day free trial and it’s our affiliate link, but we wouldn’t recommend it if we didn’t love this. We promise.

Live Chat chat page

Cheap photo service with great quality

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A cheap photo service we think you will love

Our clients often ask us, “Can you recommend a cheap photo service?” The answer is yes. But while a cheap photo service doesn’t always translate to “great quality,” this one is an exception. It’s called Dollar Photo Club, and the photos really do cost, you guessed it, $1.

Just one caveat

You will pay an up-front “membership fee” of $99, but that fee instantly gives you an account stocked with 99 credits, so you essentially are buying 99 one-dollar photos. We’re not here to sell you a bunch of crummy third-party marketing services, but when we come across a marketing resource that really is a rare and excellent value, we have to share it. Full disclosure is that, yes, we’re signed up (proudly) as an affiliate for these guys.

Photos and vector art that are top-notch

We think the quality of the photos and vector illustrations is as good as many of the other services that often charge hundreds of dollars per image. So if you want a cheap photo service or cheap vector art that is still pretty darn nice, check out Dollar Photo Club and we think you’ll be thrilled.



Nice Webinar and screen sharing tool that’s free

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Looking for a Webinar and screen sharing tool?

I’m always looking for great tools to help small and medium businesses get stuff done. I recently signed up for Meeting Burner, a Webinar and screen-sharing tool, and gave it a thorough test drive. I’m pretty impressed.

What you get with the Free version

Like many services, there is a free version and then various paid versions that offer upgrades. The differences between the free version and the two paid versions are relevant, but you get a lot with the free version, including:

  • Meeting scheduling
  • Instant screen sharing
  • Audio conferencing
  • Instant changing of presenters
  • In-meeting chat
  • Automated email reminders
  • Streaming video

What’s missing?

Probably the biggest thing missing from the free version is that it only allows 10 attendees, whereas the Pro version ($39.95 per month) allows 50 attendees, and the Premier version ($99.95 per month) allows 1,000 attendees.

My 1.5-hour online meeting and the quality of the entire process was flawless. Create a free account and give this Webinar and screen sharing tool test run. You can give the free version a try, and upgrade if you need the additional features. Full disclosure here: If you upgrade and purchase the service, I get a small cut. But of course, I wouldn’t recommend this service in the first place if I didn’t feel that it was excellent.