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Make your copy interesting or some shiny object will lure the reader away. We know how to write in a way that:

  1. Speaks the language of the reader, and,
  2. Gives the reader snippets of keywords that resonate, hold attention, and keep them engaged

Case Study: Make high-tech easy

Web copy for Cecropia Solutions was a huge challenge because this company of 100-plus very smart tech people needed a voice that communicates not only to the high-tech audience, but also to the business audience. See our web copy at

Some tech writing samples

Brochures, direct mail, ads, and more

Below are several examples of our written and printed projects, many of these targeting the difficult-to-reach IT audience. The challenge for each of these pieces was creating a concept and a writing style that does not have the “stench of marketing,” which inevitably causes the IT audience to lose faith.

190x190-brand-guidelines2 brochure-icons-08 brochure-icons-03 190x190-green-it-promo
 BMC Brand Guidelines  Atrium brand brochure  Green IT brochure Green IT promo
brochure-icons-05 brochure-icons-01 190x190-dmail 190x190-brand-guidelines
 BMC CONTROL-M brochure BMC corporate brochure  Direct mail Corporate Messaging Guide

More writing samples

Print ads
Parker Tradeshow email campaigns
Web copy
Cecropia one-pager

Writing is hard. We make it easy.