See it from the air

Let us create something special with drone video

We are always looking for an excuse to get the drone up in the air. Hire us to capture the beauty of what your business looks like from above. Having a difficult time explaining how to find your location? Let us get drone footage showing an easy path to your door.

Video on a budget? Heck yeah it’s possible

We are a huge believer in inexpensive video as a marketing tool because video works. All of the videos that we created on this page use minimalist production techniques and were created with small budgets.

Let’s promote your business with a Streamyard video

Let Woody Creative interview you and create a short news-style Q&A video, where you are the expert. Watch this video to see how we can make you look like a genius and use TV production values to make it look smart and professional. Bonus: We can create a transcript of the video for those who would rather read than watch the video, and the transcript is ideal because it gets indexed in Google for better search engine optimization.

Promo for Turner Boatworks

We spent two days off the coast of Palacios, Texas, to art direct and produce this beautiful video for our client, Turner Boatworks, which makes high-end, customized fishing boats for very happy and discerning fishermen.

Social media sticky video for local roofer

We created lots of quick promo videos to showcase the roofing skills of Matthew Lorand Roofing and help them show up in local search results.

Video for Reba McEntire and her charity

We wrote, produced and edited this video for Reba’s only named charity, Reba’s Ranch House. We also manage her Reba’s charity website.

Promo for Present With Intent

We created this promo video for Nick Dalley’s presentations workshop, Present With Intent.

Promo for Halliburton Landmark

We did storyboard, design, editing and voice over for this Halliburton Landmark video on FieldPlan software. We also commissioned the custom soundtrack, with music by McIntosh.

Dell Small Business contest video

We managed this $8 million dollar contest on Facebook and YouTube for Dell Small Business, partnering with Microsoft and MasterCard.

A promo video for Austin Tree Man

We created this video for our arborist client Austin Tree Man.

Live client interview video with JKapp Consulting

We do lots of live client interviews like this one, where we also create intro and outro, complete with music and animations. We also built and manage the JKapp Consulting website and designed the logo.

Live band promo video

We created and edited this live video of Austin’s Airwave 80s band playing at The Driskill Hotel. The same band members now form the core group of Velvet Jukebox, an Austin party band.

Bob Schneider

A couple o’ videos our client commissioned for a private event with Bob Schneider.

Bob Schneider

More Bob, please.

The Heights at Vista Parke

We created this promo video for the latest Ash Creek Homes community in Northwest Austin. We also designed and manage the Ash Creek Homes website.

Live interview video for local weight-loss clinic

Here is another interview-style video we created for Vibrant Weight Loss clinic. In addition to conducting the interview, we also created the intro and outro animations with music. And, we designed the Vibrant logo and also created and currently manage the Vibrant Weight Loss website.

Just for fun

A short spoof showing how to protect yourself from pickpockets on the streets of New Orleans.

Drone video for Lake Travis luxury condominium

We created this video for the 36-unit luxury condo Waterfall On Lake Travis. We also commissioned the custom soundtrack, with music by McIntosh.

Video will boost your business