Video on a budget

Heck yeah it’s possible

We are a huge believer in inexpensive video as a marketing tool because video works. All of the videos that we created on this page use minimalist production techniques and were created with very little budget.

Promo for Turner Boatworks

We spent two days off the coast of Palacios, Texas, to art direct and produce this beautiful video for our client, Turner Boatworks, which makes high-end, customized fishing boats for very happy and discerning fishermen.

Promo for Present With Intent

We created this promo video for Nick Dalley’s presentations workshop, Present With Intent.

Promo for Halliburton Landmark

We did storyboard, design, editing and voice over for this Halliburton Landmark video on FieldPlan software. We also commissioned the custom soundtrack, with music by McIntosh.

Dell Small Business contest video

We managed this $8 million dollar contest on Facebook and YouTube for Dell Small Business, partnering with Microsoft and MasterCard.

A promo video for Austin Tree Man

We created this video for our arborist client Austin Tree Man.

Just for fun

A short spoof showing how to protect yourself from pickpockets on the streets of New Orleans.

Drone video for Lake Travis luxury condominium

We created this video for the 36-unit luxury condo Waterfall On Lake Travis. We also commissioned the custom soundtrack, with music by McIntosh.

Bob Schneider

A couple o’ videos our client commissioned for a private event with Bob Schneider.

Bob Schneider

More Bob, please.

Live band promo video

We created and edited this live video of Austin’s Airwave 80s band playing at The Driskill Hotel.

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