Creating a brand

A beast of a chore, but we’re pretty dang good at it

We know not only how to build a brand from scratch, but also how to write the brand guidelines document to instruct employees, vendors, and other uses about how to maintain and protect the brand.

1. We develop brands for the Big Guys

We helped author the brand guidelines for BMC Software (you can download it here). We also created the brand guidelines when we rebuilt and rebranded the website for Unisys Corporation.


2. We develop brands for the Little Guys too

Here is a mini case study of marketing pieces we developed for Cecropia Solutions, a 100-person tech company that creates some cool technologies (they built the Map My Fitness suite of mobile apps with more than 27 million users). Here’s what we created:

  • Cecropia Solutions logo and tagline
  • Website design (including animations, message platform and web copy)
  • Designs for business cards, presentation templates, postcards, sales brochures, holiday cards, T-shirts and more