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Nice Webinar and screen sharing tool that’s free

Looking for a Webinar and screen sharing tool?

I’m always looking for great tools to help small and medium businesses get stuff done. I recently signed up for Meeting Burner, a Webinar and screen-sharing tool, and gave it a thorough test drive. I’m pretty impressed.

What you get with the Free version

Like many services, there is a free version and then various paid versions that offer upgrades. The differences between the free version and the two paid versions are relevant, but you get a lot with the free version, including:

  • Meeting scheduling
  • Instant screen sharing
  • Audio conferencing
  • Instant changing of presenters
  • In-meeting chat
  • Automated email reminders
  • Streaming video

What’s missing?

Probably the biggest thing missing from the free version is that it only allows 10 attendees, whereas the Pro version ($39.95 per month) allows 50 attendees, and the Premier version ($99.95 per month) allows 1,000 attendees.

My 1.5-hour online meeting and the quality of the entire process was flawless. Create a free account and give this Webinar and screen sharing tool test run. You can give the free version a try, and upgrade if you need the additional features. Full disclosure here: If you upgrade and purchase the service, I get a small cut. But of course, I wouldn’t recommend this service in the first place if I didn’t feel that it was excellent.



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