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Cheap photo service with great quality

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A cheap photo service we think you will love

Our clients often ask us, “Can you recommend a cheap photo service?” The answer is yes. But while a cheap photo service doesn’t always translate to “great quality,” this one is an exception. It’s called Dollar Photo Club, and the photos really do cost, you guessed it, $1.

Just one caveat

You will pay an up-front “membership fee” of $99, but that fee instantly gives you an account stocked with 99 credits, so you essentially are buying 99 one-dollar photos. We’re not here to sell you a bunch of crummy third-party marketing services, but when we come across a marketing resource that really is a rare and excellent value, we have to share it. Full disclosure is that, yes, we’re signed up (proudly) as an affiliate for these guys.

Photos and vector art that are top-notch

We think the quality of the photos and vector illustrations is as good as many of the other services that often charge hundreds of dollars per image. So if you want a cheap photo service or cheap vector art that is still pretty darn nice, check out Dollar Photo Club and we think you’ll be thrilled.



Unnecessary quote marks are kind of bugging me

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I’m confused. Is the game not really tonight?


Why are there quotes around “Tonight”?

Dear sign-maker, forgive me for being a grammar nerd here, but is the game tonight or not? When people use quote marks like this, there are a couple of possibilities:

  1. It’s a quote. Did someone actually say the word “tonight” and the sign-maker felt the need to attribute this quote on the sign? Perhaps we have an overzealous journalism student who is a stickler for always quoting his source, dammit.
  2. It’s an attempt to communicate some degree of uncertainty, as in, “The game is ‘tonight,’ which of course means we have no idea if it’s tonight or not.”
  3. It’s a display of sarcasm, as in, “Oh, riiiiight the game is ‘tonight’ … yeah (scoff), like that’s gonna happen.” (Note: This version, which is the most irritating, often is accompanied by “air quotes,” meaning that in 34 states you legally can punch them in the face.)
  4. The quote key got stuck. (Not very likely.)
  5. Those ain’t quote marks, they are the vicious claw marks made by the fightin’ Lake Travis Wildcats! Whoop! (Not likely, as the mascot actually is a Cavalier).
  6. Sign vandals with a spare role of No. 6 Jet-Black Vinyl and a portable high-pressure Viking vinyl steam-iron added the quote marks on a ridiculously wild dare from the English Department. (This scenario gets my vote. Those English Department people can get pret-ty nutty.)