Yoast SEO ebook is pretty darn good

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Check out the Yoast SEO ebook for some good, basic WordPress optimization tips

About a week ago, Yoast released it’s long-awaited “Yoast SEO ebook,” and we have to say, it’s pretty good stuff. The ebook offers optimization tips exclusively for WordPress, and it seems to target the Intermediate WordPress user, but certainly isn’t too advanced for the Beginner. The PDF is 152 tip-packed pages and also is available in other editions, such as for Kindle and ePub. It’s easy to read, it’s colorful, and they even have taken the time to give it some nice infographics and design elements.

Who is Yoast?

Yoast is the maker of what is arguably the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress, called the WordPress SEO plugin. Yoast also has other plugins for video, Woocommerce, Google Analytics, etc. Yoast is a small team of developers and SEO experts who focus on nothing but WordPress.

What’s in the ebook?

Sections of the ebook are … well, why don’t we just list them for you:

  • SEO
  • Navigation
  • Sales
  • Analytics
  • Conversion Research
  • Social Media
  • Speed

We were particularly interested in the section on Speed, as we’ve had a couple of issues with some WordPress sites that didn’t want to load quickly, and as expected, we got some good tips that we were able to put to good use immediately.

Get the ebook

The Yoast SEO ebook costs $19. Full disclosure: For every sale, we get absolutely nothing. We just think that this is a great resource and want to share the love. This particular post, in fact, was optimized with the Yoast SEO plugin.

Cheap photo service with great quality

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A cheap photo service we think you will love

Our clients often ask us, “Can you recommend a cheap photo service?” The answer is yes. But while a cheap photo service doesn’t always translate to “great quality,” this one is an exception. It’s called Dollar Photo Club, and the photos really do cost, you guessed it, $1.

Just one caveat

You will pay an up-front “membership fee” of $99, but that fee instantly gives you an account stocked with 99 credits, so you essentially are buying 99 one-dollar photos. We’re not here to sell you a bunch of crummy third-party marketing services, but when we come across a marketing resource that really is a rare and excellent value, we have to share it. Full disclosure is that, yes, we’re signed up (proudly) as an affiliate for these guys.

Photos and vector art that are top-notch

We think the quality of the photos and vector illustrations is as good as many of the other services that often charge hundreds of dollars per image. So if you want a cheap photo service or cheap vector art that is still pretty darn nice, check out Dollar Photo Club and we think you’ll be thrilled.



New technologies make my kids yawn

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How do you measure and reminisce about tech advancements in your lifetime?electric-football

Whereas the slightest advancement in technology once caused our respective heads to spin, we now casually shrug off that which would have been considered jaw-dropping to previous generations. Why? It’s because my sons, and every new generation to follow, are victims of the advanced technology curve that has occurred in their lifetime. It’s too difficult to impress them with new technology because they are technologically spoiled.

Read the rest of my guest blog about how we measure and remember advancements in technology in our lifetime, on the BMC Software Communities blog.

Cool postcard design for Cecropia Solutions

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Cecropia Solutions postcard

Cecropia Solutions postcard

White water ahead

Our awesome, award-winning technology client, Cecropia Solutions, the builders of the Map My Fitness suite of mobile apps (with 23 million freakin’ users), asked us to create a cool postcard design to show how neat-o they are when they are visiting and recruiting and presenting at nearby universities. So we made this little baby. Kind of makes us want to go find some white water.

Looking for a cool postcard design? Call us.

Great video on a budget

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Yes, you CAN get great video on a budget

Nikon D5200 and the Rode VideoMic Pro

We do love the “TV-like quality” of video we get from our Nikon D5200, and the amazing audio from our Rode VideoMic Pro. Here’s a short clip reel that shows off the quality that you can get from this package. Yes, you can make great video on a budget. Rumor has it that several episodes of TV shows have been filmed using this series of DSLR cameras, just to demonstrate that the camera is capable of producing high-quality video visuals.

And, be sure to check out this great video on how to make great video on a budget. Highly recommend it.