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Promo video for Reba McEntire

Promo video for Reba McEntire and her charity

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We manage the website for Reba McEntire’s charity, Reba’s Ranch House. Recently, Reba’s people called us and said they were going to have her in the studio to record some video, and asked if we had any ideas. We did! We wrote the script and then edited this video, which allows Reba to speak directly to her fans about the charity, its purpose, and how it helps folks who are help to care for loved ones in the hospital.

Beautiful Video for Turner Boatworks

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We spent two days off the coast of Palacios, Texas, to art direct and produce this beautiful video for our client, Turner Boatworks, which makes high-end, customized fishing boats for very happy and discerning fishermen. This was two long, hot days on the water, but it was a lot of fun. And we learned a lot about what makes these boats special. John Turner, the designer, spent most of his career running a redfish farm on the Gulf Coast. He also has been a professional fishing guide for several decades. After Johen sold the redfish farm, he decided that nobody made a fishing boat exactly as he wanted it, so he started designing his own, and ended up turning it into a business. Woody Creative also designed the Turner Boatworks website.

Great video on a budget

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Yes, you CAN get great video on a budget

Nikon D5200 and the Rode VideoMic Pro

We do love the “TV-like quality” of video we get from our Nikon D5200, and the amazing audio from our Rode VideoMic Pro. Here’s a short clip reel that shows off the quality that you can get from this package. Yes, you can make great video on a budget. Rumor has it that several episodes of TV shows have been filmed using this series of DSLR cameras, just to demonstrate that the camera is capable of producing high-quality video visuals.

And, be sure to check out this great video on how to make great video on a budget. Highly recommend it.