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Useful WordPress plugin lets you add hidden notes

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Another Woody Creative useful WordPress plugin

Peter’s Post Notes lets you add notes that don’t show up when published

As a builder of WordPress web sites for my clients, I get a lot of requests for various types of web functionality. Often I have to stop and think: “Can WordPress already accommodate that? Or, is there likely a useful WordPress plugin that will do it?” The answer, almost always, is yes.

In this case, a client said they needed to be able to allow multiple site admins to log in and write notes on a post or page that would not be visible once the page was published. After a quick search, I found Peter’s Post Notes. It’s a very simple plugin that adds a small text box — titled “Add note:” — just above the “Publish” button in the right sidebar. Any admin can log into a page or post and type notes into this box. The notes are saved in the respective page/post’s admin view, and even are listed chronologically by admin, so you can see the history of the notes. And, as mentioned, they do not show up in the published page.

Also handy: When you are viewing the main Posts page, it adds a column that displays the “Latest Note” so you can get a quick view of which posts contain notes.  A nice, simple, useful WordPress plugin that I recommend. Download it here.