We designed and built the website, and we also designed the logo, for this Chinese medicine and acupuncture practitioner. We loved working on this challenging project, because the doctor who owns this practice was very excited, had high expectations, and had some very detailed ideas about what he liked and didn’t like. We received pages of descriptions about the visual concepts that he found inspiring, and he even sent us clips to music on YouTube with comments such as, “How can you transform the sound of this song into a visual for my website and brand?”

This client had a specific vision

You might think that sounds like a challenge that a lot of designers and marketers would not want to tackle, but we really wanted to give Dr. Dan Perez a brand and website to fit his inspiration. We were excited to find an elegant series of Chinese watercolor drawings that we opted to showcase in thin visual bands across the top of each of the main category pages, such as for Services, About Us, etc. These allowed us to start each page with a unique slice of Chinese art and set the tone.

During the design of this brand, we happened to be traveling through Santa Fe, New Mexico, and we scheduled a reservation at an Asian restaurant called Izanami, nestled high into the hills just outside the city. (We highly recommend this place, by the way, and it was not terribly expensive.) We found ourselves inspired by the waiter’s informed descriptions of the various green teas, and thought that Dr. Perez would very much appreciate their dedication to the excellence. This inspired us to seek out a series of background images highlighting green teas, which you will see peppered throughout the Yi Guan website.