Woody Creative was tasked with a complete rebuilding of the Thrive360 brand and website. This was one of our largest and most comprehensive projects, as it included a complete branding project, a rebuild and redesign of a very large website, the development of content and messaging, the creation of multiple branded PowerPoint decks, business card designs, and much more.

Virtual reality is the kicker

Thrive360 competes with some other big apps that offer virtual therapy, but they have some cool functionality that their competitors don’t offer: Thrive360 offers all of its therapeutic content in high-definition video and/or virtual reality. The difference not only is visually stunning, but when you are engaged in a virtual session—whether it is for weight loss or smoking cessation or an anxiety relief or dozens of other categories—it makes a huge difference to be fully immersed with the content in virtual reality. Want to visit a beach in Costa Rica and listen to the birds and the waves? In virtual reality, you almost can feel your toes in the sand.

Embarrassment is a motivator

The other way that Thrive360 stands out is that their competitors tend to focus on connecting you with an online therapist, but studies show that only about 20 percent of users feel comfortable sharing with a live person. The other 80 percent are to embarrassed or too ashamed, but they feel comfortable with high-definition recorded therapies. And frankly, there’s also the laziness factor, as it can be a challenge to have to get off the couch and get in the car to visit a therapist, when Thrive360 allows you to access your content anywhere and any time of the day.

Check out the new brand and the amazing new website at Thrive360.com.

Here’s a view of the logo and the Home page.