We designed and built the website, and we also designed the logo, for this local construction company that specializes in clearing land and trees. In particular, Grindstone Site Work specializes in crushing rocks (up to the size of basketballs) into gravel-sized chunks, which is perfect for families looking to reclaim their rocky backyard and turn it into a livable space. Ranchers looking to have their roads cleaned up and smoothed out after a heavy rain also love what Grindstone can do for them. In addition to rock crushing, the company also can rip out trees and mulch them on the spot, and they are about to add post driving to their capabilities, which is ideal for heavy-duty fence posts in rocky soil, and for driving the posts needed for retaining walls.

Local and family-owned

Brandon Welch, the owner of Grindstone, is local to the New Braunfels area and his business is family-owned. The service area is broad, stretching to San Antonio, Austin and beyond. Check out the Grindstone Site Work website, and see their list of services, and then contact them to schedule a project.

We also designed the logo and the truck wrap

Here’s a peek at the Home page