Web writing is a tricky beast

What? You’re still reading this? Wow.

Web writing is a unique challenge, as reader attention span is so fleeting that I’m surprised you are still reading this sentence. You have seconds to make your point and hold attention before some other shiny thing draws away the reader’s attention. I know how to write in a way that 1) speaks the language of the reader, 2) gives the reader little snippets of keywords and breadcrumbs that resonate, hold attention, and keep them engaged through the message, and 3) is extremely SEO friendly.


Web writing for CecropiaSolutions.com

Cecropia logoHelping to make high-tech easy to understand

The copy for Cecropia Solutions was a particular challenge, because this is a company of more than 100 very smart people creating some amazing customized web and mobile phone technologies. However, the voice of the site needed to communicate not only to the high-tech audience, but also to the C-level business audience. See the messaging and the copy we created at CecropiaSolutions.com.

Web writing for SmartBloodSugar.com

Peppered with real questions that patients ask

The FAQs section below was written for SmartBloodSugar.com, a site that sells a package of health products and information designed to help manage blood-sugar levels for optimum health. I worded the FAQs to resonate the kinds of questions that actually were being asked face-to-face with the doctors. The challenge: Educate consumers on the basic facts about high blood sugar, explain how the product helps to manage blood-sugar levels and improve health, and inspire confidence in the professionalism and capabilities of the Smart Blood Sugar doctors.

Smart Blood Sugar FAQs

The 7-Day Challenge not only will show you how to modify your eating habits so you can feel better quickly, it also gives you the tools you need for a lifetime of good health.

Got a question that’s not on the list below? Please contact us. We’d love to hear from youclientcare@merrittwellness.com

Why should I eat like this?

High insulin and high blood glucose levels have definitively been linked to increasing the rates of many different diseases, including cancer, hypertension, Alzheimer’s and heart attacks. Using this program, we’ve helped patients clear up insomnia, anxiety, depression, and digestive problems they’ve had for years. These were health problems that our clients never realized were related to what and how they were eating.

Why is it called the “7-day” challenge if you suggest that it’s a lifestyle change?

We call it the 7-Day Challenge because you absolutely will see and feel improvement in your health issues within the first seven days. Not many people want to take on something as huge as a “lifestyle change.” But in almost every case, our clients are highly motivated to keep up the good work after they experience the success of their first week.

How is this different from other low-carb “diets,” such as the Atkins diet?

Research shows that low-carb diets are often hard to stick to, because they’re often TOO low. We’ve found this to be just as effective without nearly so much struggle for our patients. Also, unlike other “diets” that recommend artificial sweeteners, we suggest other alternatives, since it’s been shown that artificial sweeteners actually INCREASE insulin resistance.

I’ve heard a lot about Atkins, so how does this compare to the Atkins diet?

Atkins recommended an incredibly low amount of carbs per day, but that’s almost impossible for the average person. We have found that you can get the same results with three times the amount of carbs, and you don’t feel deprived. Our patients are really thrilled with this difference because it’s so much easier.

But my doctor is telling me I need to eat low fat and lower my cholesterol.

Did you know that over 50 percent of the people who die of heart attacks have normal cholesterol? Study upon study shows that cholesterol is a poor indicator of cardiovascular health. The pharmaceutical industry is no help on this issue, because they would love to keep you on cholesterol drugs for the rest of your life. While there are other factors that are hugely important in overall health – such as eating healthy fats and getting regular exercise – eating a low-fat diet is what led us into this mess of diabetes and insulin resistance.

What is the purpose of the coconut oil?

Coconut oil acts like a carbohydrate in that it gives you quick energy, but without the insulin surge. So not only is it a very usable form of energy NOW, it also won’t make you store fat. That makes it a near perfect oil to use for everything you cook. Our patients report again and again how “satisfied” they feel when their meals are cooked with coconut oil.

Some like to stir it into their coffee or tea because it melts really nicely. A tablespoon per day is a good place to start.

This is a solid fat, and people have been taught that saturated fats are bad. Coconut oil is considered a medium chain fatty acid. It does not trigger insulin and it’s VERY difficult to turn it into fat because your body uses it quickly.

I can get good multi-vitamins from my local health-food store. Why do I need your multi-vitamins?

Most people know that they don’t eat as well as they should, and most people also know that they should take a multi-vitamin to make up for that. But did you know that 99.9% of vitamins on the shelves more closely resemble plastic and synthetics than food, and that they’re all man-made, having never come from a food source? And that they’re only part of how you would find it in a full food complex? For example, when you buy vitamin E, the bottle will say it’s in the form of alpha-tocopherol, or maybe mixed tocopherols. But vitamin E from a food source also includes selenium, xanthine, lipositrols, as well as at least four other nutrients. Is your supplement that whole and complete? Probably not.

Additionally, store-bought supplements that are made of huge doses of man-made “nutrients” supply only a fraction of the whole complex, and create shortages of many other nutrients when your body tries to absorb those synthetics. 1000 percent of a nutrient isn’t necessarily better — you have to actually ABSORB the full nutrient!

Many people often notice that they don’t necessarily feel better on synthetic vitamins from the store, and that their urine can be fluorescent yellow (wouldn’t you like to have your body use those nutrients instead of wasting them like that?). Our patients love the food-based multi-vitamin we recommend. The 7-Day Challenge comes with a two-week supply, and it’s also available in a two-month supply. Let us know if you’d like it!

What is gymnema, how does it work, and is it safe?

Gymnema (gymnema sylvestre) is an herb that has been shown in lab studies to be very effective in working with blood sugar imbalances. It is safe to use in all cases, including people on medications — in fact, it works so well that we recommend that people pay close attention to how they feel, because their body often become much more efficient at blood sugar metabolism without their realizing it! We include a 2-3 week supply because it’s so effective at reducing sugar cravings in patients.

Is the 7-Day Challenge safe for anyone, including kids?

The 7-Day Challenge is designed for ANYONE who wants to learn the proper way to eat for a lifetime, and at the same time reduce their chances of nearly all of the major diseases plaguing us today. This includes kids — children are the fastest growing segment of the diabetes population. In fact, they had to change the name of “adult-onset diabetes” to Type II diabetes for this reason.

Children might not need the supplements, but they benefit greatly from eating in a way that keeps their blood sugar stable. When we work with parents in this regard, they notice that their kids stop having meltdowns nearly as frequently, and that they sleep more soundly at night, do better at school, and have better energy.

Is the 7-Day Challenge appropriate for diabetics?

YES! The 7-Day Challenge is designed for diabetics – especially Type II diabetics. It is ABSOLUTELY possible to reverse insulin resistance and Type II diabetes with diet and lifestyle, but you rarely hear doctors talking about that. When we say “reverse” we mean that your blood values, including the hemoglobin A1c, will return to normal levels and stay there if you continue to eat the way we recommend. Type II diabetes is a lifestyle disease, yet so many people fall into the trap of thinking it’s genetic, or inevitable, or that they were “fine” for so long, and all of a sudden they were diabetic.

It’s also designed for Type I diabetes because in both Type I and Type II cases, the damage that high blood sugar and insulin does in the body is the same: damage to blood vessels, reduced circulation leading to limb, kidney, eye, heart, (etc.) damage, neuropathy, etc. In both cases, the patient has to watch their blood sugar, since it will start to come down into healthy levels, and therefore insulin levels have to be adjusted for that, but the long-term result is a halting, and possible reversal of the damage that has been done. Of course, it depends on how much damage is in the body, and for how long, but we are firm believers that it’s never too late to start.

How does this program help me sleep better?

Absolutely! People often come in to our clinic, complaining of the type of insomnia that looks like going to sleep fine, but waking up around 2 or 3 a.m. This again has to do with blood sugar management, and glands associated with it. When the body starts eating foods that keep blood sugar stable, people start noticing in just a few days that they sleep deeper, stop waking up at night, and feel more rested when they wake up.

How does the program boost my energy levels?

Have you ever tried to keep a fire going by throwing newspaper on it? Pretty frustrating, right? It burns up so fast, and you have to keep adding more and more newspaper. When people eat carbs and sugar, it’s just like that — the body “burns” through carbs, and can’t access its fat stores, which are REALLY where the energy is. The 7-Day Challenge explains exactly how we got stuck using “newspaper” for energy, and how to convert your body to burn fat instead, while at the same time showing you a lifestyle that is easy to maintain over time, whether you eat out, cook in, or travel.

What do I do after 7 days?

We hope that you continue to eat this way for the rest of your life! This package was designed to show you how quickly you can feel better, and to show you that it’s really not that difficult to keep it up. Nothing makes us happier than to hear that our patients came back from a doctor visit with great numbers for their blood sugar and their weight! Instead of being a diet, the 7-Day Challenge truly is an introduction to a lifestyle.

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Web writing for RetroLawnChairs.com

The challenge: Give them a warm and fuzzy reminder of the Good Old Days

Below is copy I wrote for a site selling retro metal lawn chairs. The purpose was to help customers remember the era decades ago when these chairs were popular.

Woody Creative - Retro Lawn ChairsIt all started in the ’40s

These vintage lawn chairs — sometimes called “motel chairs” or “vintage patio chairs” — first starting popping up around the pool sides of swanky American motels in the late 1940s. By the early ’50s, the vintage metal lawn chair was being manufactured by a handful of U.S. factories — many of which were retooling their post-war machinery and assembly lines to create these types of products. Soon, these new and colorful motel chairs began popping up in our backyards and porches. Today, most fans of these vintage lawn chairs cherish them for their nostalgia, as they rekindle wonderful memories of a grandparent’s front porch or a favorite roadside eatery.

We at Retro Lawn Chairs understand how so many Americans can feel such a fondness for these beautiful icons of the 1950s. We love these vintage patio chairs too! Check out our Package deals today, get a special on a vintage lawn chair and enjoy a bit of Americana.

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