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While I was working for BMC Software, our research showed that we got great marks from customers on our products and services, but they didn’t have a clue that our company was dedicated to social responsibility and giving back to the community. To ensure our customers understood our dedication to the community, I wrote and created a brochure that was delivered to customers along with a list of recent community projects and results. Great corporate writing is a huge challenge.

The copy below is from that brochure, which also can be downloaded as a PDF (1.3MB).


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Partnering with Our Communities

BMC Software, on corporate responsibility

A company that effectively and efficiently provides customers with a great product or service is considered a success. But that only defines what has been achieved in business. To achieve a broader level of success, a company must take a holistic approach, examining the impact it makes on its community and on the world.

BMC Software is a global company, headquartered in Houston, that provides industry-leading software to help companies manage their IT enterprises more efficiently and effectively. We have approximately 6,000 smart, dedicated, and compassionate employees working in facilities located in 30 different countries.Our drive toward ensuring that we are a responsible corporate citizen and a good partner with our communities is focused around two primary areas:

» Volunteerism and Community Outreach
» Environmental Initiatives

A company must take a holistic approach, examining the impact it makes on its community and on the world.

Woody Creative great corporate writingVolunteerism and Community Outreach

Our communities benefit from our smart, talented workforce

BMC touches its communities not only by donating funds to worthy causes, but also by rallying a passionate and talented workforce. Non-profits always are in need of cash, but more and more, they are eagerly seeking organizational, management, and business services to help stretch their dollars and accomplish lofiter goals. At BMC Software, we have a wealth of gifted, intelligent people who can help.

“We’re very grateful for BMC Sofware’s generosity in supporting our seniors. Your contribution has helped to improve the quality of life of our seniors in San Francisco, Sunnyvale and San Jose.”
– Self-Help for the Elderly, San Francisco

BMC always has been known for being extremely selective in ensuring we hire the best (it’s outlined in our corporate mission statement). As a result, we find dedicated, talented people who tend to be well rounded and passionate about making a difference in the community.

Today, BMC has many people helping charitable organizations not only with some complex IT challenges, but also with challenges in the areas of accounting, marketing, human resources, finance, legal, and many more disciplines.

Volunteer projects: Some real-world examples

In many BMC communities around the world, BMC coordinates outreach programs in which we encourage employees to perform a day of community service. Employees provide their services on “company time,” with activities varying according to the needs of the local community. Sometimes we’ll do a neighborhood cleanup project, or we’ll plant a thousand trees.

Here are just a few of the projects that BMC and its employees rally to support – both with funding as well as with hands-on sweat equity.

“We’re very grateful for BMC Sofware’s ongoing support to our cause. Since AACSN does not receive funds from government, your generosity has allowed us to continue many of our programs.”
– Asian America Cancer Support Network, Bay Area, California

Helping underprivileged children in Tel-Hai:

In Tel-Hai, Israel, BMC funded the development of a youth facility that serves underprivileged children who come to the facility after school to eat, work on their homework, and learn a variety of subjects. For many, the facility offers their only chance for proper nutrition and an education.BMC employees help out by assisting the children with their homework, teaching a variety of subjects, and supporting the computer lab that was donated by BMC. The children who participate have shown excellent progress in their grades.

Building a community sports field in Houston:

BMC partnered with the Houston Texans professional football team to fund and build a multipurpose sports field at a middle school in an under served area of the community. The field is a big source of pride for the community, and is used not only by students, but also by many local organizations. BMC employees worked with Houston Texans players, school officials, and community supporters to build and complete the field.

Improving Austin Parks:

BMC provided funding and BMC employees in Austin, Texas, came together for a day of hands-on labor to help Austin parks by planting trees, constructing playgrounds, and building and clearing hiking trails.

Coordinating a blood drive in Pune:

Each summer in Pune, India, local hospitals and blood banks experience an acute shortage of blood. Responding to this need, BMC employees in Pune coordinated more than 100 employees to donate dozens of liters of blood during a very successful two-day blood drive.

Cleaning up Golden Gate National Park:

BMC donated funds and BMC Bay Area (California) employees spent a day of hard work – on company time – rejuvenating Crissy Field in San Francisco’s Golden Gate National Park.

Environmental Initiatives

We help our planet with smart software.

Woody Creative great corporate writingA server generates how much in carbon emissions?

A lot of people are unaware that servers can produce an average of more than 2.5 metric tons of carbon emissions per year, depending on the type of power generated by the utility. The average older-model server contributes as many carbon emissions as a large car and costs $500 per year in power and cooling. When BMC helps a customer eliminate a thousand servers, they save $500,000 a year and reduce their annual carbon footprint by more than 2,500 metric tons.

When BMC Software opened for business in 1980 – most companies – including BMC – didn’t have significant environmental initiatives. However, even back in 1980, the software that BMC created was keeping our customers’ energy costs down and helping them to create more efficient IT infrastructures. From the beginning, BMC has been a champion of Green IT – even before it became a commonly used term. For many of our customers, their power and cooling costs now account for more than half of their IT operations budget, but our software allows them to more efficiently manage their computers and servers. The result: Customers don’t have to power and cool machines that individually aren’t doing much work.

The products we make benefit the environment:

BMC asset management solutions help customers identify older, unused, inefficient servers. Customers then
can invest in virtualization and increase server utilization rates on the remaining infrastructure to 80 percent. That translates into a heavy reduction in annual power consumption, which lowers the carbon footprint.
» BMC can help create an active power management program to ensure that PCs – most of which consume more energy than a TV – are never left on and unused for extended periods. Even for a company with only 1,500 PCs and laptops, that can mean a significant reduction in power costs and an annual reduction in carbon emissions of 241 metric tons.
» Our software helps customers switch off redundant devices and efficiently virtualize where ever possible, saving energy spent on power and cooling. Example: If you eliminate 5,000 square feet of space by virtualizing servers in a 15,000-square-foot data center, you’ll not only save on the cost of floor space, you’ll reduce carbon emissions by almost 5,000 metric tons per year.

How does BMC help lower carbon footprints?

When we help customers reduce power consumption, consolidate physical servers, or reduce the need for data center floor space, we not only save them money, we help them reduce carbon emissions.

BMC in-house Green initiatives: A real-world case study

To show how BMC products can help be part of a Green IT solution, consider our own in-house case study. In our own data center, we’ve reclaimed three years of data center capacity:

» We have reduced our number of servers by 25 percent and gained 20 percent more capacity; and soon we will have 50 percent fewer servers.
» We’re saving $370,000 per year in power and cooling costs.
» We emit 5,300 fewer tons of CO2 per year as a result of our efforts.
» We run an average of 17 virtual servers per each physical server.
» Our average server utilization has climbed to 80 percent.

And, in addition to helping our customers with earth-friendly software solutions, we’ve also taken additional environmentally friendly steps in-house:

» Office consolidations: In BMC facilities all over the world, we have consolidated office space to reduce energy use, and all our office facilities use energy-efficient lighting. Our San Jose, California, office curtails power use from 2-6 p.m. on designated days.
» Recycling: We use recycled products and we recycle our own paper, trash, and other disposables, as well as obsolete electronic equipment. Also, many offices have stopped offering disposable cups and plates, encouraging employees to bring their own re-usable items from home.
» Saving trees: Whenever possible, we provide online product manuals (instead of paper) for our software.
» Reduced air travel: Companywide, we strongly encourage online meetings to reduce the energy consumption and pollution associated with air travel.

BMC has been a champion of Green IT – even before it became a commonly used term.

We can’t know for sure what unique needs our environment and our communities will have in the future. However, BMC will continue to participate and partner with the communities in which we do business, ensuring we are an involved and responsible corporate citizen. And, as always, BMC’s products will continue to be part of an environmentally friendly, Green IT solution.

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