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This email, promoting the download of a paper on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), is designed to quickly communicate clear and tangible benefits. It offers minimal copy, but it’s big on quantifiable benefits.


(SUBJECT LINE) 7 ways ITIL can help you

(PREVIEW LINE) Download one of our most popular papers.

(HEADLINE) Learn What ITIL Best Practices Can Do for Your Business


The best practices outlined in the IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) promote a well-functioning, collaborative IT environment that helps both IT and business cope with economic stress.

Learn seven ways ITIL can help youITIL helps you deliver higher-performing IT services that help your business not only be more competitive today, but also be poised for growth when the economy rebounds. Download one of our most popular industry insights papers, Seven Ways ITIL Can Help You in an Economic Turndown.

Download the paper.


Seven Ways ITIL Can Help You:

1. Improved visibility and control
2. Greater integration with business objectives
3. Increased focus on continual service improvement
4. Increased operational efficiency
5. Greater agility
6. Increased productivity
7. Improved communication

Download the paper.

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Email for BMC Atrium

Here is part of an email campaign I created for the BMC Software Atrium brand. The formula is simple: Capture attention with the subject line, and then continue to build a sequential message that guides the reader through the preview line, the headline, the body copy and the call to action.

(SUBJECT LINE) Are you storing critical business data in unreliable locations?

(PREVIEW LINE) That could be bad news for your business.

(HEADLINE) Where is your critical configuration data stored?

(EMAIL BODY) Is your data stored in disparate documents? On a variety of laptops and servers? In the memory of an IT employee?

When your organization’s most critical information is stored in multiple, disconnected locations, it becomes difficult — if not impossible — to gain a clear view of critical IT data and systems, how they interrelate, and how they impact your business.

BMC Atrium lets you discover, connect, automate, optimize, analyze, and report on your IT enterprise – and gives you a clear view of how IT impacts your business.

(Call to action) Learn more about how to take control of your data. Download the EMA white paper or view the Webinar on how BMC Atrium can help you make better-informed IT decisions.


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