We designed and built the website, and we also designed the logo, for Solar by Infinity, a solar system installation company in Ventura, Calif. It’s always great when you have a client who is clearly the top in their field, has experience and expertise, is trusted by clients and the community, and has been in business for decades. It was a particular challenge to ensure that we demonstrated the quality and integrity of the services offered by the team at Solar By Infinity.

Hooray for Hollywood (Clients)

We were a little star-struck when we learned that our client had earned the trust of the Hollywood elite, who call on Solar By Infinity for a broad range of electrical needs. We’re not going to name names, but their list of clients includes significant contingency from the Hollywood Red-Carpet crowd. Apparently, when you rewire the historic home of one Hollywood superstar, they tell all their friends about the quality of your work.

Family-owned for decades

Owner Michael Adams has more than 25 years in the business, which was founded by his father, Dennis. They pride themselves on their integrity and how they take care of their customers, and they make sure that nobody ever thinks of them as a pushy salesperson. Check out the website, and their About Us page, and the Services.

Here’s a peek at the Home page