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It’s hands-on marketing, baby

The short story on us: We are a couple of very seasoned marketers, writers, designers who have worked for corporate marketing (Dell, Chase Bank, Shell Oil, BMC Software), and also worked as creative directors and partners in several ad agencies and web agencies. We are hands-on, meaning we actually do the stuff, and we’ve been doing it for more than 20 years.

Our Sweet Spot

We specialize in dreaming up creative marketing concepts aimed at leveraging the particular whims of an audience, and then filling in all the holes by actually developing the individual deliverables:

  • Brainstorming and consulting,to get to the core of the Message Platform
  • Creating or massaging a brand; developing brand guidelines and logos
  • Designing and building smart web sites. See “Design Portfolio.”
  • Writing all kinds of copy (listed first because great writing is so critical). See “Writing Portfolio” tab above.
  • Crafting email campaigns that work
  • Implementing guerrilla PR tactics
  • Organizing social media campaigns
  • Optimizing a site for organic SEO
  • Developing online ads
  • Ghost blogging
  • Setting up and monitoring Google Analytics, etc.

Be sure to see the”Writing Portfolio” and the “Design Portfolio” tabs. Being that we can handle most marketing projects from start to finish, we are somewhat of a two-man marketing wrecking ball. Contact us to discuss your marketing challenge.

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Look, we don’t usually do this, but …

We’re not here to sell you a bunch of crummy third-party marketing services, but when we come across a marketing resource that really is a rare and excellent value, we have to share it. FULL DISCLOSURE: Yep, we’re signed up (proudly) as an affiliate for these guys. It’s called Dollar Photo Club, and each photo really is, you guessed it, one dollar.

Just one caveat

The only other thing you need to know is that you pay a $99 up-front “membership fee,” but never fear, because that also loads your account with 99 credits. You essentially are buying 99 photos for $99 dollars. And, we are finding that the quality of the photos and vector illustrations is as good as many of the other services that often charge hundreds of dollars per image. Check out Dollar Photo Club and we think you’ll be thrilled.

Dollar Photo Club